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Can private energy sessions really result in physical and emotional healing, cure addictions and transmit messages from your higher consciousness or soul?  Read the following testimonials from others about their experiences with Susan.

From a healing session in the redwood forest:  I felt a great ease spreading like warm fragrances all around my body, spirit, and mind. I had been in dis-ease for some time and was at my wit’s end.…After it shifted and was replaced by relief and a lift in spirits, then I could admit the desert I’d found myself in.

The voices and musical, lyrical incantations [Light language] took me beyond my usual heart and brain functions! The messages coming in specifically for me, and my questions being answered, have changed my life around completely.  I noticed as I walked back through the woods, my stride was smooth and effortless compared to the halting, painful hip-tight walk in.  I felt aligned, light, loved, and encouraged. Physically, my peripheral vision came back and has stayed clear all these weeks.  I have a lightness of being that means so much to me for daily survival and is vital to manifesting what I believe is my path. My spirits, demeanor, and energy remain uplifted. — Cynthia, US

Susan spent a bit over an hour with me on the afternoon of March 23, 2016 and I have not smoked since.  I had one follow-up session about two weeks later, as I was going to be traveling for business and knew I would be around smokers. I wanted to reinforce the work we had done before I left.  I had no desire to smoke during my trip or upon my return! — Julie, Argentina

Te escribo para agradecerte por la sesión de ayer.  Ha sido maravillosa.  Aún estoy muy conmovida y emocionada, y te agradezco de corazón por haber canalizado mensajes celestiales para mí.  ¡Eres un ser de luz maravilloso!  Irradias luz y amor desde tus ojos y desde tu corazón.   No tengo más que palabras de agradecimiento para ti.

Translation:   I’m writing to thank you for yesterday’s session.  It has been marvelous.  I am still very moved and emotional, and  I thank you from my heart for having channeled heavenly messages for me.  You are a marvelous being of light!  You radiate light and love from your eyes and heart.  I have nothing but words of gratitude for you.  — Daniela, Italy

I was with Susan at a social event and she noticed that I was rubbing my neck and trying to stretch. I mentioned that I had a stabbing headache and my neck and shoulders felt like they were in knots. I had taken a pain reliever, but the pain persisted.

Susan offered to see if she could give me some relief. She did some work on my head, neck and shoulders.  The headache disappeared completely and I was fairly free of neck and shoulder pain within minutes. — J.M., Argentina

"I loved the mediation.  It filled my whole being and essence with love and light and clarity. Thank you soooo much.  My heart is full.” -- T.H., Mexico

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