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Human + Being

Photo by Joel Felipe

Photo by Joel Felipe

We are both human and being, hardwired to live as one integrated whole, with full access to all our resources.

When we unite the human intellect with the being's limitless awareness and knowledge, the result is wisdom, inspiration, new creation, innovation, new enthusiasm for life and better health.

Harmonious relationships. More creative and productive work.  More grace, ease and abundance.

How Can I Live As My Whole Self?

No matter how solid we seem, our bodies, thoughts and emotions are made of energy in constant motion.

When we pay attention to the frequencies of right-brain perception, we access the unified field of energy or non-local intelligence.

You can call that intelligence the Universe, or higher mind, or the mind of God.  Whatever you call it, attuning to it gives us access to wisdom, insight, new ideas and realizations.

Ideas and insights blossom in our minds.  We see things from a higher perspective, dissolving contradictions and resolving conflicts in creative ways.

Our intuitive right brain or expanded consciousness becomes our personal guidance system in daily life.

Unity With Others

Photo by Joel Felipe

Photo by Joel Felipe

The frequencies of our energy field affect the people around us, as their energy affects us.

Groups at work and at home unconsciously create a group identity and energy field.  When everyone’s energy is attuned to similar frequencies, ideas, emotions and thoughts flow easily and in harmony.  The group is creative, energized and effective in reaching decisions and taking action.  Group members get along and enjoy being, working and playing together.

This is unity, and it’s essential for healthy, happy, prosperous and productive businesses, organizations and families.