Cerro Punta Negra, cosmic energy, and why I'm here

Today I'm posting a video of the landscape from atop a hill across the road from my cabaña at Rosa de Los Andes, near Manzano Histórico.  That's a tiny town at the foot of the Andes, known as a place where General San Martín rested on his way back from having liberated Chile from the Spanish (if I have my history correct). 

Today, Manzano attracts tourists for its scenery, and cool, sunny high desert climate.  Also, more subtly, what attracts them is the high-frequency energy from the center of the cosmos hitting one particular mountain, Cerro Punta Negra.  That's why I'm here, too:  to integrate those frequencies into my own electromagnetic energy field and carry them with me wherever I go.

A few days ago, I did an energy transmission for the owner of the cabañas.  Afterward, Spirit showed me a cascade of sparkling, white light pouring down from the mountains just above us and forming star-like points of light throughout this valley.  They said that one day, this will be a center for spiritual and energy tourism, where people will come for retreats, healing, meditation, classes, to reconnect with the Earth and be renewed by the cosmic frequencies.

Here's a cell phone video of the sweeping views of the Andes from atop a hill across the road from my house at cabaña complex called Rosa de Los Andes where I live. I explain the significance of Cerro Punta Negra and why I'm here.