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Susan Rensberger is an author, consultant, teacher and guide who works with individuals and groups.



In individual sessions, Susan helps clients find direction in making life decisions, discover their life path, overcome fear and heal from painful experiences.

She guides those who seek to expand their inner connection or consciousness, to become more fully functional and integrated human+beings.


Susan is a dynamic teacher and consultant, working with businesses to create a positive work environment and more effective collaboration by team members.  The results are increased innovation, higher-quality goods and services, and a more stable and happier work force.

Services include:

  • Assessing and assisting team members in creating solutions to conflicts and blocks;
  • Teaching about the human electromagnetic energy field and how it is affected by the energy of thoughts, feelings and actions;
  • Assisting teams to attune their collective energy field for easier, more productive collaboration, cooperation, innovation, creativity, and enthusiasm;
  • Teaching techniques for increasing coherence, harmony and ease in the group consciousness of the workforce and work groups.
  • Clearing and attuning the energy of the workplace;
  • Designing custom programs using tools and techniques for maintaining a clear, positive and supportive workplace;
  • Developing programs that businesses can implement to support employee emotional, mental and physical health.

To ask questions, discuss services or schedule an appointment, please email